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  • Learn about the research project conducted showing the correlation between adverse childhood experiences and disease in adulthood. 
  • ​Access the 10 questions used on the ACE Test to receive your score and understand the impact trauma has on adult life.
  • See how trauma can impact incidents of obesity, heart disease, drug abuse, smoking, depression, anxiety, suicide attempts, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, diabetes, traumatic brain injury, overall poor health, and early death.  
  • Understand why "it's all in your head" is not the case and the link between mental health precursors and the development of physical, life-threatening illnesses is valid.
  • Stop wondering why you seem so impacted by things you think are small and shouldn't affect you so much and learn and see the impact trauma has had on your life and see how knowing is an empowering first step.

Mark Steinberg, PhD (Dr. Mark) is a licensed psychologist with offices Redwood City, California and Walnut Creek, California. He specializes in clinical, educational, and neuropsychology and has over 42 years of experience. He uses drug-free traditional therapies to heal and remediate emotional, behavioral and learning difficulties with children, adolescents, and adults. He utilizes brain-based methods to eliminate a wide range of symptoms, as well as their underlying causes.

Voted Best Therapist by Bay Area Parent Magazine readers multiple times, Dr. Steinberg is also a popular author. Dr. Steinberg has made numerous TV appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. Consulted as a medical expert by NBC, he has won local and statewide awards. He has taught graduate school at Cal State University, Northridge and National University.

Dr. Mark Steinberg is available for: Parents and Families, Schools and Educational Facilities, Government Organizations, Business Professionals & Companies, and Community Groups.

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Jane I.

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